Top 10 Business Ideas with 15 lakh Investment

Millions of people start a business daily. Every business begins with an idea in mind. Implementing the concept differently pushes you towards success. To implement the idea, some initiate the business with low investment, and for some, investment is very high. Some might commence a simple business, and others might think of starting a complicated business involving huge investments. Here is a list of ten top business ideas with fifteen lakh investment.

1) Manufacturing Business 

The manufacturing business is a process of converting raw materials into finished goods; selling these goods happens directly in the market or to other manufacturing units. Presently the conventional methods of manufacturing have become outdated. The modern manufacturing unit, which has adapted to the changing environment, works well. Starting these units with a capital of fifteen lakhs, like manufacturing optical frames, packing boxes and cartons, scented sticks, tissue paper etc., is a good idea.

2) Health and Fitness Center 

Health and fitness is one of the most flourishing businesses in today’s world. People are spending vast amounts of money to keep themselves healthy and fit. Investment in fitness equipment, studio space and staffing will depend upon the size and the services offered by the fitness centre. Begin this business easily with a capital of fifteen lakhs. Presently it has become a very profitable business after the pandemic.

3) Franchise

It is an excellent idea to invest in a franchise. You can buy a good franchise for fifteen lakhs. The franchise company will provide full support and resources to make you successful. Before committing, it is essential to research the franchise opportunity carefully. Many trending franchises are available in India, like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Amul, Fabindia etc. It is one of the most popular businesses in India.

4) Fast Food Business

It is one of the most trending business ideas. It is very safe to invest fifteen lakhs in a fast food business. You can start a fast food joint with a small location and minimum man force. You can also open a fast food joint by taking a franchise of well-known coffee shops or roll houses. The requirements may vary according to the brands. To increase food sales, you can register in online food delivery apps.

5) Cosmetic business

Presently the cosmetic business in India is flourishing. This growing population and increasing demand it is taking a huge part in the national income. The business might further expand in the coming years with the rise of e-commerce websites and social media platforms. With the right planning, marketing strategies and investment, turn the cosmetic business into a successful career. Select a reliable manufacturer to provide good quality products at competitive prices. A wide variety of cosmetic products are available in the market. It is one of the best business ideas for a fifteen lakh investment.

6) Spices Business in India 

The most important part of Indian cuisine is the spices. India stands ahead among the list of the world’s largest producers and exporters of spices. Most spices are usable domestically while exporting a significant amount annually. There are many prestigious spices companies in India. It is not a difficult task to start a spice business in India. With a good business plan consisting of cost, product and target market, we can commence a successful spices business with a budget of fifteen lakhs.

7) Pharmacy Business 

The best business to start in India is the pharmacy business. The development of the healthcare industry by the government is the main reason for the growth of this business. The number of pharmaceutical companies in India is growing now and then. It provides a great opportunity for pharmacy entrepreneurs. It is the correct time to start a pharmacy business in India. Initiate a successful pharmacy business with proper planning, guidance, and market research.

8) Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing or online marketing stands for the marketing component that promotes brands and products to consumers using the Internet and other digital communications. It includes emails, social media, web-based advertising, text and multimedia messages. Start a digital marketing agency to provide content creation, social media management, and website development services. Invest in hiring skilled professionals to strengthen your asset. It is one of the trending business ideas in fifteen lakh investments.

9) Liquor Business 

In India, Liquor is a big business. The primary liquor consumption in India is distilled from molasses, a byproduct of the sugarcane industry. India is also the largest producer of whisky. People in this country only consume its major part. To start a liquor business, we must follow specific rules and regulations. The investment will depend upon the scale of the business. It is considered the most successful business in India because of its demand and profit margin.

10) Electronic Appliance Store

A store with a good collection of gadgets will tend to attract many customers. The demand for the latest appliances will never fade. Open a well-planned store with experienced sales staff. You can also convert the store into an e-commerce portal for better profits. The minimum investment required for a gadget store is 10- 15 lakhs. All the trending gadgets should be available in the store for better sales.

Wrapping up

Check these 10 business ideas that you can expand with fifteen lakhs. A sound business idea, market research, surveys, and investment are required to set up a successful business. The success and profitability of any business will depend upon its efforts and wise selection. With some planning and marketing strategies, you can successfully achieve our goals. Remember to work consistently for your mission and adapt to the growing technology. This can only take you ahead in the long run. New scopes are entering the market every day. Keep an eye on it to stay informed. You can succeed only if you believe and work at par with technology. Remember to experiment and stay ready to take risks and see how you will grab an unseen and unheard opportunity that will bring you close to success and fame.

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