Best Investment Option For Regular Income

Nowadays, we have a lot of expenses, which worries us about how we will manage our needs and wants. So if some money comes every month for us, it will be a boon. If you have money, investing in options that provide regular monthly income is great. You can chill learning that your money is getting used in the right place.

Thinking, “How do I get a monthly income from investments in India?” Listed below is India’s top investment for generating regular income every month.

1) Invest in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

Postal service investment programs were well known to many of you. The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS), now available from India Post, is a great investment opportunity. As the Indian government stands behind it, anyone looking for a steady income stream with little to no risk may consider investing in it.

At present, the POMIS is offering a yearly interest rate of 7.4%, with payments made once per month. This plan has a five-year deposit term. You may put up to 9 lacs into an individual account or 15 lacs into a combined account. At least 1,000 INR is required to open an account and begin investing. When the POMIS investment matures, the proceeds may be re-invested for five years.

Features fundamental to the POMIS approach:

  • There will be a 5-year maturity.
  • Post office MIS (Monthly Income Scheme) accounts might have between one and three holders.
  • When an investor passes away, only the person named as a nominee will get any benefits from the program.
  • As with your bank accounts, a nominee might be named later.
  • Easy transfer of money from any Indian Post Office to any other Indian Post Office.

There is no tax withholding or deduction (TDS) on earnings from this plan. The tax advantage from the post office’s monthly income program is null.


  • Investment Safety
  • Minimal Risk
  • Capital Preservation
  • Commitment Period
  • After a minimum fixed deposit of 5 years, principal plus interest will be available for monthly withdrawal.
  • It’s an affordable investing strategy since you can get going with a small sum.

It provides safety against high inflation periods and guaranteed interest at regular intervals. Handling financial operations like deposits and withdrawals is simple with online banking services.

If you’re finding for a risk-free way to invest a regular income, the Post Office Monthly Money Scheme is your best option. Investors and 9 to 5 earners will both find this a favorable option. It’s an excellent opportunity for retirees and people looking to diversify their portfolios.

2) Invest in Government Long Term Bonds/Gold Bonds/Securities.

To begin, what exactly are long-term government bonds? Sovereigns or bonds are government-issued debt instruments that finance projects like building new facilities or running existing ones. Government debt often has a maturity date anywhere, starting from some months to many years in the future, and a set interest rate.

At the bond’s maturity, the investor returns their initial investment plus interest. Guaranteed returns (fixed and variable term based) make this investment choice attractive. Government bonds are something that you should look into. It’s a viable alternative to traditional bank CDs.

Types of Govt Bonds- 

You may choose from PSU Bonds, Zero-Coupon Bonds, Inflation-Indexed Bonds, PSU Bonds, and Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs). Buying and selling these bonds in secondary markets is easy because of their high liquidity.

3) Put your money in the Mutual Fund for the Monthly Income Plan.

A mutual fund investment, a monthly income plan, invests primarily in debt and equities assets to generate income and protect principal. Rather than reinvesting the money, participants in this plan choose to receive distributions of their mutual fund earnings at regular periods.

Are you thinking of a reliable source of income? You have an alternative to mutual funds through the SWP. When investing in mutual funds, an SWP is the antithesis of a SIP. Mutual fund investors may choose between a SIP and an SWP to transfer money in and out of their accounts. If you had wanted to invest a significant amount and get these distributions immediately, this section would have been for you.

4) Invest in Real Estate

This is the most common and well-known investment that provides regular income. Rental income from real estate may be a reliable source of income. Real estate rental income may come from a variety of sources. It includes corporate offices, shops, room rent, agricultural land, and shared office spaces.

You may still invest in real estate and get this reliable income stream even if you lack the capital to buy ultra-expensive luxury residences. How? You may rely on real estate investment trusts. A real estate investment trust mainly owns and manages income-making fundamental properties. Companies specializing in real estate investing handle sizeable real estate and mortgage portfolios. They do things like rent out houses and collect the rent. Shareholders get a part of the collected rent as dividends and profits.

5) High dividend-paying stocks

If your investment strategy is sound, you may reap the benefits of Divided as a reliable source of income. This option is quite dangerous. Investors often consider dividends significant because they represent a potential source of passive income. Until recently, when the stock market was less dependent on tech, this was a significant selling point.

High-Dividend Stocks: Things to Think About 

You should always dig further into the company’s finances before investing. Low-risk investment strategy: invest in dividend-paying companies. Equities with many dividend payments hold their value better during market downturns.

These stocks also contribute to risk diversification. Before investing, you should check your comfort level with risk. According to the bare essentials, investing in a firm just because of its hefty dividend payout is dangerous to your portfolio in the long term. Thus, it is better to check the firm based on its fundamentals rather than its high dividend yield. Up to a certain point, we may still choose this alternative because of the performance.

Before investing, consider the company’s background, repayment history, and credit rating.

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