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In the long term, the patient level can be something other than the investor since everybody wants early and more returns, but that is only sometimes possible. For the early return have to take more risks, and in this dilemma, the chances of losing money get higher instead of making long-term investments that will give a steady return. Several investment options can generate stable growth over a long period. And while investing in any form, the main aim should bo build wealth with risk-free or low-risk investments because taking a high risk can dilute your money, and in this case, the investor loses faith in it and, at last, avoid investing. Also should have all the information about the investment where the money is being invested; otherwise, a lack of knowledge will not help you generate a good investment return.

Here are some options where investors can look for better returns in future.

1) IPOs

Initial public offerings can be a good long-term investment option if you choose the right stocks. When a company starts issuing stock to the public, the IPO price is usually lower than the stock trades after listing. So investing in the IPO( Initial public offering ) becomes a low-risk investment for the investors. If they buy the IPO and hold on to the shares, they can benefit if the price appreciates, which means the company has been doing better growth. However, IPOs also carry risks, as many newly listed companies do not perform well in the long run. Just go thorough research before investing in any IPOs.

Some pointers for IPOs as long-term investments:

  • Invest in stable companies with solid fundamentals and growth prospects.
  • Avoid companies with no track record or in highly volatile industries.
  • Hold the stock for at least 1-2 years to earn when you invest in long-term capital gains tax rates.
  • Diversify your IPO investments across different sectors to mitigate company-specific risks.


  • An example of a successful long-term IPO investment is Google (listed initially as Google Inc.). The company launched its IPO in 2004 for $85 per share. Google shares trade over $2500, representing a huge return for long-term investors.
  • However, not all IPOs perform as well. An example of an unsuccessful long-term IPO is Groupon, which launched in 2011 at $20 per share. The stock is now trading below $5, representing a loss for investors who held on.

2) Gold ETFs

The second one is gold ETF and Investing in gold through exchange-traded funds is a better option for wealth preservation over the long run. While physical gold offers higher returns, gold ETFs provide liquidity benefits, convenience and low costs. The economic law always states that if the country’s growth has stopped, the price of gold tends to get high. In this situation investing in Gold is a hindrance against inflation and economic uncertainty, making it suitable for long-term portfolios.

Some things to consider for gold ETFs:

  • Opt for ETFs that closely track physical gold prices to maximise returns.
  • Decide how much gold exposure you need based on your risk profile and investment goals.
  • Rebalance your gold holdings periodically to book profits and adjust allocations.
  • Diversify into other asset classes to improve your overall risk-adjusted returns.


  • SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) is an example of a popular gold ETF. It seeks to track the performance of gold bullion, less the fund’s expenses. GLD shares have provided stable growth to long-term investors, though returns have been more modest than IPO stocks.
  • Another gold ETF example is iShares Gold Trust (IAU). It also aims to reflect the performance of the price of gold and provides an alternative to physically storing gold bars or coins.

3) Luxury Products

Investing in luxury products like watches, fine wine, and art can be rewarding over the long term. However, it also requires specialized knowledge, active management, and limited liquidity. While some luxury investments have outperformed significant asset classes in recent decades, the risks are high. Here are things to keep in mind:

  • Focus on brands with strong name recognition, heritage, and limited production.
  • Track industry trends and auction results to identify up-and-coming artists, models, and vintages.
  • Purchase from reputable dealers with expertise in condition grading and authentication.
  • Hold for at least 5-10 years to realize decent returns, if any. Short-term gains are uncertain.
  • Expect high management costs like insurance and maintenance fees.


The Rolex Daytona is an example of a luxury watch that has appreciated significantly over the long term. Vintage Daytonas from the 1960s and 70s have seen prices rise over 1000% in the last two decades, making them a good investment for collectors.

  • Fine wine can also be a lucrative long-term investment. For instance, cases of cult Bordeaux wines from the 1982 “Vintage of the Century” have increased 1000-2000% in value since released.


The text recommends a balanced and diversified investment approach using lower- and higher-risk assets according to one’s goals and risk tolerance. Stable investments like leading mutual funds and bonds form the portfolio base, providing consistency and stability over the long term. Higher risk options like IPOs, gold, and collectibles can then be added cautiously to increase returns but with an awareness of their volatility. A balanced portfolio tailored to one’s needs and risk profile is the ideal strategy, alongside developing a strict long-term investment plan and following it with discipline.

IPOs, gold, and luxury investments have the potential to be profitable but require proper diligence, horizon, and strategy. The text advocates focusing initially on stable investments that match one’s goals, then building up to higher risk assets as suitable. Growing wealth effectively requires discipline, patience, and a sound strategy matched to an investor’s specific situation. Maintaining a diversified portfolio across asset classes optimizes risk-adjusted returns over time.

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